Я хочу тут работать


The idea of Bottlez originally came out of trying to develop a concept for an online wine shop that would be useful and interesting for a regular wine drinker. While many wine merchants have excellent selections, we did not know one who would be universal and had all wines at best prices - something we’d want from a perfect online wine shop. Hence, we decided the future online wine platform should combine offers from many wine merchants - the idea of an online marketplace for wine was born.

As wine lovers and professionals, we also understood that a fully open platform could easily grow into a bazaar rather than a market. We needed to introduce a guiding structure into the mind-bogglingly varied and unlimited world of wine - enter Bottlez curators, who are fellow wine professionals glad to share their knowledge and passion with all wine lovers. Combined with community generated wine reviews and information posted by the vendors, this provides the right mix of advice and exploration for wine drinkers to enjoy.

When all pieces of the puzzle came together in our minds, Bottlez started.

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